Thursday, June 6, 2013


I made these little maps for you guys to put on your tanks if something should go wrong. I'll remember to bring some painters tape.

Some people are planning on meeting us at pit stops along the way. Check out the route again—I've added the pit stops on the map. Trying to hit the first pit stop in Limerick (Wawa) by 11:15, Reading (Ozzie's Cafe) by Noon and Tremont (What appears to be a gas station on google maps) by 2.

The basic fundamentals of group riding apply—Stay staggered during most riding situations and single-file when we hit turns. If we're approaching a light turning red and half the group is already through, volunteer yourself to stop in the intersection to block traffic so we can all keep moving.

If ever the front of the pack takes off and starts going fast (which will only happen in the mountain section) go your own speed. Don't feel forced to go fast and outride your skills. I'll stop before any route changes and wait for the pack.

See you guys Saturday. Get there early. Leaving at 10am.

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