Monday, May 6, 2013


So, you got a cycle and would rather get to point 'b' the freebirdin' way. Well grab that two-wheeled machine and call your woman because there's another way to get to the Breakout. Leaving at 10am sharp from the Barbary, we'll hit the four lane slab heading northwest towards Reading, Pa via rts. 76/422. Then after a short pit stop, we'll slowly ascend into the Appalachian Mountain coal regions hitting a few 1000ft mountain pass climbs. I'll bring some tow rope in case anyones jets can't handle the hill.

I'll bring up more details as the weeks go on, including the final map of the route incase you go full-on AWOL.

Here's some shots from our trip last week with The Motorcyclist behind the lens or rather, his girl hanging off the sissy bar with camera in hand.

Email Devyn for anything regarding the bike run.

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